At Enterprise Motors we strive to give you the best service we can. If you have brought your vehicle to us for diagnostics we will keep you informed as to what we need to do and the process we may need to complete next so we can diagnose your vehicles problems as accurately as possible.

These days there comes a time in a car owners life that this little symbol shown on the right pops up on your dash display. This is the engine management fault light or EML for short. If this light stay on when you have started your car it is a signal to the driver that something is wrong with the operation of one or many of the various engine components.

It is still a common misconception these days that this light isn't particularly important but it is. What this tells us as technicians is, the vehicle has developed a fault and has stored important information about this fault in it's memory, often refered to as a fault code. These codes and the snap shot information they produce are invaluable for helping to start the diagnosis process correctly, so we are able to narrow down the area in which the fault lies and repair the faulty systems or parts which are linked to the finely tuned engine management system.

We have and still are investing a lot into furthering our vehicle diagnostic knowledge. We have up to date BOSCH diagnostic tools at our diposal which allow us entry to your vehicles complex electronic systems which allow us to check the fault code data. We also have a PICOscope which allows us to test the various sensors, actuators and ECU's for the correct data that should be seen for those components being checked and tested.

This gives us the ability to diagnose your EML fault much more accurately than some garages that take the fault code as the part that they should replace. This is not the way as that part may just be the symptom and not the cause. Diagnostics like this can end up (and usually do) costing you much more money to repair than the correct way, because as the supposed faulty part is replaced the real fault that caused it to go wrong still exists and quickly effects the new part causing the same issue again, very soon.

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