Your timing belt, also often referred to as a cam belt is required to be replaced at a certain mileage interval, specified by the manufacturer but also most of the time has a specified time replacement interval, the reason for the time based interval is because your timing belt is made from a highly strengthened rubber that over time will perish and deteriorate like all rubber items do as they get older.

When we carry out a Timing belt replacement on your vehicle you will always be quoted for not only the belt itself but also for the guide and tensioner pulleys. The reason for this is because the guides and tensioners are normally a roller bearing with a hard plastic pulley covering the bearing which the belt runs on. These also wear over time and usage and because of this we recommend replacement at the same time.

We also inspect your water pump if the timing belt drives it, for leakage and bearing play and/or noises and if we feel replacement would be beneficial we will contact you with an updated price for this action.

We use Gates timing belt kits almost always when replacing your timing belt, the reason for this is they are widely used as original equipment on most of the cars that we work on. Because of this we use their kits to give you the same OE spec quality that the manufacturer fits as standard.

Please click the Gates cambelt kit picture to go to their website for anymore information you may require. 

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