Steering and front wheel alignment checks can be very important to maintain not only the correct handling of your vehicle but also to prevent uneven wear occurring to your front tyres.

Over a period of time if your car's wheel alignment is incorrect it can cause uneven wear to the inner or outer edges of your car's tyres depending on how incorrect the alignment is. When this happens the edges of the tyre wear out first leaving the centre of the tyre with a large amount of unused tread which has been wasted when the outer edges become dangerous and devoid of tread.

We have also found that when we change steering and suspension components for MOT or Service repairs that the vehicle alignment can be affected, because of this when we quote for any of these types of repair, we also carry out an alignment check afterwards to make sure everything is as it should be once again before your car leaves us, if any adjustments are required they are always allowed for in the quotation in this instance.

If you wish us to check your wheel alignment we also offer a stand alone procedure which we will only charge for the work we do, so if we check it and it is within correct tolerances listed from the dealer, that's what we charge for, if it requires adjustment then of course, a further charge will be applied.

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